Now you can also take advantage of Cloud systems in marina management.
Blueshell is a software application which is used directly online, without having to install anything on the operator’s PC.
The benefits of the Cloud are:

Reliability of service
Blueshell is physically installed within an extremely powerful server infrastructure located in a Server Farm, which is a safe, specialised environment.
This enables remarkable continuity of service and greater data security.

Daily backups
Carrying out daily backups on each PC or device used by marina operators is an extremely costly procedure both in terms of equipment and time. By purchasing Blueshell this feature is included and occurs automatically. Blueshell actually performs daily data backups, allowing constant recovery of your database.

Remote support
Being in a Cloud also means assisting the technicians or development team in providing technical support.
Support is provided remotely, reducing service time and needless travel in order to work on the software.
This enables rapid service whilst slashing costs for the marina.

Good software must be kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and must be optimised to make it ever more performing.
Blueshell updates are free, and we schedule these updates remotely, often outside the marina’s regular working hours, thus slashing updating costs and preventing operators’ normal work from being interrupted.

Blueshell is a software application which can be customised according to the needs of the marina. Customisation may be requested whenever necessary, even at a later date, in order to render the management software more akin to marina management. With Blueshell, customisation is easy, because, once requested, it is made available to the operator without having to undergo a new software installation or service reactivation.