Desktop and mobile

The web-exclusive nature of Blueshell lets you use it from any device which connects to the Internet – PC, tablet or smartphone. As well as the full desktop interface, Blueshell offers simplified interfaces optimised for tablets and smartphones, which can be used directly by mooring operators on the docks or by shipyard mechanics.


The interactive map allows you to view the current status of your marina and also its future status.
You can create and edit an unlimited number of maps (floating docks, winter storage facilities, car parks, buildings etc.)
All map viewing aspects, as well as colours, can be customised.


The customer and vessel database lets you enter a series of information and deadlines under each entry, recording important data such as: document deadlines, crew and equipment, changes in vessel ownership.
Customers and vessels can be catalogued according to requirements, and categories and types can be customised with colour coding.
View the status of each customer using a simple dashboard with just key data or analyse their situation in detail using the pending payment overview function.


Blueshell lets you customise your marina and its land and sea structures.
Marina resources, for which contracts and temporary contracts can be generated, can at any time be easily established and edited.


Create and mange various types of contract (rental, sale, management, etc.).
Create and send customers quotations and bookings via email.
Assign deadlines to contracts and let Blueshell generate invoices when required.
Create your mooring lists so that Blueshell can recommend the right price according to the period, boat, berth and any current special offers; you can always decide to change or customise it.


Schedule, budget for and manage vessel towing, maintenance and launching operations.
Quickly create standard job orders, like servicing and ordinary maintenance, so that they can be used again whenever needed.
View job plans using a calendar with a drag & drop function for moving jobs to more suitable times.
Your shipyard operators and mechanics can make a note on the order of the material used and time spent on the job right from their special interface, thus speeding up the preparation of the final balance for the customer.


Extract information and reports form any table or view in Blueshell.
Do you need a specific report? Get in touch with us and we will create one for you, from then on it will be available to you at the click of a button.


Generate invoices and receipts for deposits and balance payments with the click of a button.
Customise invoice series, numbering and payment instalments.
Quickly record payments of a specific invoice or record a generic payment received and Blueshell will spread it over any unpaid invoices.

Print templates

You can create unlimited print templates and we offer you a template customisation and recording service.
Do you need a new template? Get in touch with us and we will create one for you, from then on it will be available to you at the click of a button.

Rapid entry

Blueshell lets you quickly enter the information you need to carry out your work.
Contracts and temporary contracts can be quickly entered with a few clicks by mooring operators on the docks too.

Drag and drop attachments

All the main entries in Blueshell enable you to upload file attachments by simply dragging the file into the upload area.
Furthermore, all uploads can be viewed using the central document management system.
For each attachment you can customise the title and the position in which you have entered any hard copies.

Notes and notifications

For each main entry in Blueshell you can add notes and notifications, with different priorities and colour codes, which will appear whenever you edit that particular entry (customer, vessel, etc.); in doing this you will never lose any important data and all staff will be aware of all important information regarding the customer or vessel.


All deadlines are easily accessed from the main page. In calendar view you can choose which deadlines you wish to view and also how the calendar looks, with monthly or weekly views.

Customised view

Every table in Blueshell lets you view the column you wish, in the most convenient order. Each table can also be exported into Excel format, by exporting all the columns or just the ones you are viewing.